Playstation Racing Seat
High racer's enjoyment.

God bless the creators of Sony PlayStation! Thanks to PlayStation, today we don't have to be millionaires to afford driving those expensive dream cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. We actually can afford to drive a dozen different other cars, all this can happen while we are sitting at home and not worrying about an accident or a collision. Neither do we have to pay for any repair costs and anyone's health.

Racing Seat for PlayStation

Here we strongly believe that you don't need to pay a lot of money for a complicated racing game chair. You can get the same amount of satisfaction from any of the following basic racing simulators. Note that all are very affective. Here is a list of comparisons with a number of racing seat simulators, and you can see for yourself that OpenWheeler gaming seat is the proven winner. It will make the difference between racing and driving.

OpenWheeler is a mandatory invention for every genuine video game fan. The satisfaction provided by this sensational driving simulator cockpit is worth every bill spent. With OpenWheeler, all car games games will seem way different. In a very positive sense. For all XBOX and PlayStation driving game simulation fans - a dedicated racing cockpit simulator.